February 2014


Time your efforts and rest during your workouts.

A timer? No, a timer for sports

When we do sports indoors, we need to measure our effort and rest times. This is essential to measure our progress from one session to the next and to set goals.

We are tempted to use the timer on our smartphone but we are quickly confronted with a problem: when the time is up, a bell rings and we need to stop it ourselves if we don't want to annoy the whole room by letting it ring.

A problem that seems simple, but an opportunity for us to propose a timer dedicated to sports.

We created an application that allows you to register different timers that will ring briefly to warn you and that counts the number of rounds completed.

So be nice to the people in your gym club, don't let your timer ring anymore!

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What users say


This app is just awesome, I use it every workout and being able to program multiple times and arrange them that way is really well thought out.


It’s my essential for sports. It is just perfect 👍😄👌


I never leave a review... But this app answers exactly my needs in a simple and efficient way... 10 stars !!!