November 2021

Coherence - Guided breathing

Breathe with Coherence and keep control over your energy, your emotions, your motivation, your sleep...
Coherence - Guided breathing

Pressure, always pressure

We live in a stressful world that requires us to always be on top of our game. Work, friends, family, sports, health, the environment... we are constantly under pressure.

This pressure is healthy when it pushes us to surpass ourselves. But when we lose control and suffer from it, it is our physical and mental health that is at stake.

Meditate or nothing... really?

What are the solutions to manage this pressure? Meditation is more and more used to find some peace in all this agitation.

But meditation as we know can quickly become restrictive. It requires to be in a soothing environment, to have more than 15 minutes in front of you and to find the motivation to be regular.

In the end, it can even become a new form of stress.

Unfortunately, many of us abandon this practice, which is nevertheless very beneficial for our health.

Let's breathe

So what are the solutions?

Cardiac coherence is a form of meditation that requires only a few minutes, can be practiced anywhere and its benefits are felt immediately.

Cardiac coherence consists of taking control of our breath for a few breaths, which will act on our heart rate and thus send a positive message to our brain.

In fact, our heart and our brain are linked and when one gets carried away, the other follows.

This practice does not only allow you to relax.

Studies have shown its benefits on the quality of sleep, the reduction of stress and anxiety, the increase of energy level, the improvement of concentration, the strengthening of the immune system, the reduction of blood pressure...

An application to help you

With the help of cardiac coherence specialists, we have designed 30 exercises to use in everyday life to concentrate, sleep better, calm down, before speaking in public, after a meal...

We have integrated them into an application will help you in your practice of cardiac coherence to make it your new habit when you need to take control.

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