September 2021

Radio Player

Listen to Radio Player's 27,000 radios from around the world in a beautiful app.
Radio Player

Who listens to the radio today?

We asked ourselves a simple question, does radio still have a place in the age of podcasts, TikTok and Youtube?

Definitely yes.

Radio is still a widely listened media but it is not only listened to in the car or on the stereo anymore. Today we listen to it on the internet and on our phone.

An application would allow to listen to the radio with modern uses seemed to us a good idea and a good challenge.

We targeted 3 types of people who listen to radio a lot, especially foreign radios, and we exchanged with them to design our application.

  • All those who listen to the radio on a daily basis. They are looking for an easy to use application that offers extra features like finding the title of a music they like on their streaming application.
  • Expatriates who would like to listen to the radio stations of their country of origin and those of their country of expatriation.
  • Anyone who wants to learn a new language. What better way to learn Spanish than to listen to a talk show from Argentina?

Why another Radio app?

There are many applications to listen to the radio on the stores.

First, there are applications dedicated to a single radio. Then there are applications to listen to local radios in your country. Finally there are the radios that offer a huge catalog of radios.

However, no application in these categories met the 3 criteria of the ideal radio according to us:

  • Allow to listen all the radios in the world and to add any webradio
  • An elegant design and an intuitive ergonomy
  • Find the music played live on its streaming application

So we created it.

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What users say


If you like to listen to the radio and have two or more favorite radio stations, you will love to use this app. You can have all your favorite ones, all over the world, in one single place. Very easy to use, to integrate new stations or to switch between them. And you will have the chance to delete all the other apps for the radio. You really will love it!


Simple concept but so useful! I looked for all the radios I listened to on a daily basis and installed them in 30sc. The interface is simple and intuitive. Well done to the developer!


Everything is more beautiful and more intuitive in the new version of this web radio player. Modern and pleasant app, I use it every day!